Tips for Superior Internet Experience:

*Make sure your computer is free of VIRUSES, SPYWARE AND AD-WARE

*Have large bandwidth

*Have HIGH SPEED connection

*Low latency

*Solid and consistent network monitoring and management

*Stable performance of network communication between systems

*Again,make sure your computers are up to date and free of viruses, spyware and adware!

Welcome to the best internet service in the area! There are many definitions of broadband internet service among various groups, companies, and organizations. Some common phrases associated with “Broadband” include: “always on”, “high-speed”, and “fast internet access”. The FCC defines broadband as service that includes “data transmission speeds over two hundred kbps in one direction--computer to internet or internet to computer”. Bills are currently being proposed in congress to change the FCC definition from two hundred kbps to two million bps, however their interests likely rely on their desire to tax usage.

No matter how the term “broadband” is defined, two components are very important in data transmission--bandwidth and high-speed. Internet activities in high demand such as file-sharing, large online database use, and media (such as movies, photos, and web-TV) require a large bandwidth, high speed transmission, low latency, and consistent data speeds. Gaming also require large bandwidth, high-speed transmission, and low latency to maintain real-time activity.

Croisan Creek Broadband has designed our network to provide high speed data transmission, large bandwidth, low latency, and quality service. We know what makes the internet most effective and efficient for our customers.

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